Top 4 tips for long, healthy natural hair

Deep condition with HEAT!

This is a GAME CHANGER! Deep conditioning your hair with heat raises the hair cuticles and allows the product to penetrate and deeply nourish your hair. Not only is deep conditioning good for the hair strands but also the scalp. The heat stimulates blood flow to promote healthy hair growth.


Protective styling

Protective styling is simply a hairstyle that protects the ends of your hair from breaking off to retain length. Protective styling is a length retention method, not a hair growth method!


Clean and clarify your scalp

A clean and healthy scalp promotes hair growth. If your scalp is dirty you are causing the pores to be blocked, hence blocking/preventing hair growth. It is difficult for hair to grow from a dirty scalp so be sure to clean and clarify your scalp as you see fit in order to see hair growth.


Consistent healthy hair practices

Consistency is 🔑 and good hair practices are more important than products. Although hair products can aid in hair growth, how you handle and take care of your hair is what determines your hair health. You must consistently care for your hair by moisturizing it 2-4x a week, washing it on a schedule, and even deep conditioning it on a schedule. You cannot moisturize your hair with great products three times in a week and expect an inch of growth. You must consistently care for your hair. It is like a garden that needs to be feed and cultivated to yield results.



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