The L.C.O Method

By now most naturals have heard of the LOC, LCO, LOCS, or another variant of the suggested way to moisturize natural hair. But just as a refresher, the LOC method is a moisturizing method that suggests the order in which products should be layered to maximize moisture retention. LOC is an acronym that stands for Leave-in conditioner, Oil, and Cream. When the S is added to the equation it stands for Sealant. This famous moisturizing method was coined by Alikay Naturals Founder and CEO Rochelle Graham and it has been very popular in the natural hair community. 

The method is super easy to incorporate into your natural hair routine because all you do is use products you already own and simply adjust the order in which you apply them to your hair.

The variation we are talking about today is the L.C.O method. When you follow this method of application, you apply your liquid or leave-in first, then your cream product of choice, and finish with oil.

What is the LCO method? LCO method explanation

It is a personal preference to use whatever variation you would like so try out the different variations and see what your hair enjoys.

How do I use the LCO method?

Once you understand the order and acronym it is quite simple to begin and you can start with the products you have at home.

The L in this acronym can either represent your Liquid or Leave-in conditioner. It is highly suggested that you use water first but if you wish to use a leave-in as your base it needs to be water-based, meaning water is one of the first 2 ingredients in the product. The main goal of this step is to apply moisture to your hair strands. And the only way to do that is with water, in some way, shape, or form.

The C stands for cream and the product used during this step is usually a cream leave-in or a curl defining cream. Your cream step is dependant on whether you used water or a leave-in as your first step. If you started with water, then this is where you apply your leave-in cream. If you started with a leave-in, then this is where you apply your cream of choice which is usually a curl defining cream.

The last step in the LCO method is the oil step. During this phase, you can you any pure oil, oil blend, or butter of your choice. The purpose of this step is to seal in moisture and that's why it's done last.

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