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The L.C.O Method

By now most naturals have heard of the LOC, LCO, LOCS, or another variant of the suggested way to moisturize natural hair. But just as a refresher, the LOC method is a moisturizing method that suggests the order in which products should be layered to maximize moisture retention. LOC is an acronym that stands for Leave-in conditioner, Oil, and Cream. When the S is added to the equation it stands for Sealant. This famous moisturizing method was coined by Alikay Naturals Founder and CEO Rochelle Graham and it has been very popular in the natural hair community.  The method is super easy to incorporate into your natural hair routine because all you do is use products you already own and simply...

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5 protective styles that actually protect

Black women, in particular, are naturally blessed with kinks, curls, and/or coils that can be shaped into intriguing hairstyles. Our unique strands need a bit more maintenance to keep them healthy, nourished, and moisturized. However, because of the extra maintenance that comes with having beautiful natural hair, we tend to slack off of our regimen sometimes or get tired of constantly styling. Protective hairstyles are a great way to give ourselves a break while maintaining our hair's natural beauty.  In the natural hair world [or community], protective styles are very commonly known and are even a must to many. Protective styles include but are not limited to twists, braids, wigs, and buns. And the major element and purpose of a great protective style...

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