Scalp care while protective styling

As we all know, protective styling is one of the top natural hair rules if you're on this journey. However, do you know how to care for your hair while protective styling and what it looks like?

Protective styling isn't just getting some fly braids or putting on a wig and forgetting about your hair. In this article/reading we'll discuss some tips for taking care of your scalp while protective styling.

Healthy hair starts at the scalp, and the scalp is the foundation of our hair, you have to decide whether it be healthy, unhealthy, or damaged. If your foundation is unhealthy, your hair won’t thrive or grow, so it’s important to take care of your scalp. So here are some tips to help you take care of your scalp while protective styling.


Don't wash your hair too often

Although you may have easy access to your scalp, depending on the style, please refrain from washing it too often. Depending on how long you plan on keeping your style you may wash it once during that time. But, if you must clean your scalp try an apple cider vinegar rinse. It targets your scalp and allows your style to look fresh longer. When you shampoo with a protective style like box braids or marley twists frizz is bound to happen and it decreases the longevity of your style.


Stimulate your scalp to increase blood circulation

We LOVE to see growth when we install a protective style and to see this growth you must stimulate your scalp. To stimulate your scalp and increase blood circulation the best ways to do it are by exercising and massaging your scalp.

Regular exercise leads to better cell renewal and stimulates growth. This is because exercise increases blood flow which supplies the scalp with more oxygen and nutrients thus, increasing hair growth.

Scalp massages with hair oils can lubricate the scalp and stimulate it to produce more healthy, natural oils. Massaging oil into your hair stimulates blood circulation. However, all oils are not the same; some are too "greasy" or too “heavy.” Keep in mind oiling the scalp is not super beneficial for everyone and only a small amount of oil to your scalp is needed on an as-needed basis.

We recommend our Taylored Hair Oil because it is made to help you exceed your hair goals. The Taylored Hair Oil will promote hair growth and health while being rich in multiple vitamins.


Wrap up your hair at night

If you want to keep moisture in your hair, increase your style's longevity, and/or keep your style from accumulating fly-aways and frizz it’s important to wrap up your braids or twists just like you would with your own hair. This tip will keep your protective style looking like new for weeks.

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