My top 3 natural hair mistakes

Over the past 5 years, I have learned A LOT about natural hair care. Not only from dealing with my hair but I also learned a lot from caring for other people's hair. I went from frying my ends to being against extreme heat usage (aka no flat ironing) and I wanted to share what I think my top 3 natural hair mistakes were in my journey.


Cutting my hair

Let me explain, I am a fan of protective styles not only because I would consider myself a lazy natural and I have very dense hair but also because they are versatile. My personal favorites are box braids and marley twists. So back in the day when I first went natural I had no clue what I was doing but I did learn about properly protective styling. So I would install my own protective styles with extension hair and leave them in for about a month then take them down. Seemed pretty normal BUT the takedown was a problem for me. Because my hair was put away in a style that allowed me to gain inches and retain length I would kind of forget about my growth when it came to where my hair ended in the extension hair. So I would cut significantly above where my hair ended in the styles. This was heartbreaking to me at the time because my goal was to grow my hair longer than before. So I would basically do accidental big chops every few months.

Being Impatient

I really value time and don't enjoy wasting it. So with that being said if I put a time goal in my head (such as what time I wanted to have my hair completely done) and I didn't meet my time me goal I would become impatient. Over time getting to know my hair and learning how to effectively handle my strands improved my patience because I did not want to redo a whole head of hair. Doing other peoples hair also helped me practice patience because I never want to upset or disappoint a client by rushing a style.

Choosing length over health

I was used to having inches, even with permed hair (and by inches I mean about 10, right above bra strap length). When I went natural I met shrinkage and the only way I knew how to fight shrinkage was with heat. For the first few months, and maybe couple of years, that I was natural I constantly used heat on my hair because I valued the length of my hair over the health of it. I ended up with heat damage but I've come a long way. I also used to always be obsessed with hair growth concoctions that promoted growth although I hardly knew how to retain length and didn't look into ingredient lists from store bought products. If the product label or title said growth I wanted it. I now choose health (+and my happiness) over length, I read product labels more carefully, and I am more patient. 

I encourage you to be patient with your hair journey and read your product labels carefully. Know that what you put on your body will get into your body. Filter out the harmful chemicals and useless fillers and replace them with whole ingredients that benefit your body. If you would like to know about the ingredients we use and how they benefit you visit our ingredients page by clicking here.

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