Is your hair thick or dense? | How to tell

Hair density and thickness are often used interchangeably to describe someone's hair, but they aren't the same. They both work together to make up your hair's identity but both say different things. Learn how to differentiate between the two to truly understand your hair's identity.



Hair thickness vs density

The thickness of your hair is the width of a single strand of hair while your hair's density is the amount of hair strands in an area. This means that someone can have both thick hair strands and very dense hair. Alternatively, a person can also have thick hair that is not dense or that is very thin (showing scalp). Hair thickness and density combinations are [somewhat] limitless.


Here's how to tell if your hair is dense or not

To determine how dense your hair is, it starts at the scalp. Pick any area of your head and scalp to observe then examine how much scalp you can or can't see through your hair strands. If you see lots of scalp, your hair isn't dense and may be thinning or just naturally/genetically thin, which is something we can assist you with. If your hair is thinning we can help slow the thinning and even promote hair growth. If you tend to struggle when parting your hair, when it's moist and detangled, you have very dense hair. Parting dense hair is like walking through a field of tall grass where each blade is very close to each other whereas if each blade of grass was spaced out a few inches it wouldn't be as difficult to get through the field because it isn't dense. To apply that to your hair, think of each blade of grass as a strand of hair and the field as your scalp.

Here's how to tell if your hair is thick or not

The simplest way to identify your hair's thickness is to think back on how your hair behaves when you handle it. If your hair easily breaks off in the center of you hair strand and your hair strands are very fragile you more than likely have fine hair strands. If your hair is comparable to sewing thread for denim you have some think hair. If you're somewhere in the middle where you experience breakage for rough handling but it's nothing alarming then your hair strands are a medium thickness. Another way to determine how thick your hair is a strength test. Take 2-3 clean strands of hair from different areas of your head (maybe one from the front, one from the center, and one from the back or from whatever you want to observe), secure a good grip on the strand, and gently begin to pull it apart (individually). If the strand breaks with very little to no tension your hair strands are more than likely thin. If you have to use some elbow grease to break one strand of your hair, your hair is pretty strong and the strand is thick.


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