How to moisturize your natural hair and keep it moisturized!

This your guide on how to keep your hair moisturized. By now most naturals have heard of the LOC, LCO, LOCS, or another variant of the suggested way to moisturize natural hair. But just as a refresher, the LOC method is a moisturizing method that suggests the order in which products should be layered to maximize moisture retention. LOC is an acronym that stands for Leave-in conditioner, Oil, and Cream. When the S is added to the equation it stands for Sealant. The method is super easy to incorporate into your natural hair routine because all you do is use products you already own and simply adjust the order in which you apply them to your hair. You can check this blog post on what the L.C.O method is and how to use it or you can view this video for even more convenience.

Now if you currently utilize the L.C.O method and still experience dryness we have 4 great tips on how to combat your dryness and keep your hair moisturized longer.


1. Double Seal

When you have done your due diligence to effectively moisturize your hair by using water, a moisturizing leave-in cream, and an oil or butter and still experience dryness and breakage give double sealing a try. What this is is after applying your sealant (raw butter or oil) you apply a plastic cap or bag to your head. What this does is cause condensation and traps in all that moisture. Water and oils are unable to escape plastic so placing a plastic cap or bag over your head is great way to keep moisture in. You can even take this a step further by sleeping with the plastic cap under your scarf or bonnet. Keep in mind that doing this will cause your hair to be very moist, so if you have somewhere to be or something to do your hair will more than likely still be wet.

2. Check your ingredients

Honestly, many hair products on the market still contain chemical ingredients that can make your hair dry. These products may seem to help your hair in the short term, but over time they can cause damage, stunt growth, and dry your hair out. Fortunately, distinguishing between good and bad hair products is easy: just check the ingredient list! Remember the front of the package is for aesthetics while the back is to educate, so read the back to get a glimpse of what you are putting on your body. Any product that contains any type of formaldehyde, isopropyl alcohol, and other harmful ingredients that dry and damage your hair needs to be tossed. Hint: Taylored Natural Haircare products are great alternatives and we only use natural ingredients that are beneficial to your hair! You can even view our ingredients here.

3. Make sure your routine aligns with your porosity

Since porosity affects how your hair retains moisture, it also affects how you should be moisturizing your hair. If you don't know your hair's porosity, test it out by taking a strand of clean hair, dropping it into a glass of water, and then waiting about 3 minutes to see how it reacts.

If your hair appears to float at the top of the glass you have low porosity hair, meaning your hair doesn't easily allow moisture in or out. If you have low porosity hair wash your hair with warm water, deep condition with heat, when moisturizing use warm water to open your hair cuticles, and use an oil like castor oil to reduce the loss of moisture or even jojoba oil to penetrate your hair strands.

If your hair sinks to the bottom of the glass you have high porosity hair. High porosity hair easily looses and absorbs moisture. If you have high porosity hair use heavy oils because they will trap in moisture, find your balance between moisture and protein, and transition to utilizing low manipulation and protective styles so your hands are not absorbing moisture and nutrients from your hair, causing it to dry out faster.

4. Shampoo less often

If you shampoo your hair more than once a week try shampooing less often. Now if you apply products often and get build up easily you may want to shampoo more often but twice a week should be plenty. Shampoo is meant to clean and strip your hair of dirt and products but it will also strip your hair of it's natural oils so if you shampoo your hair often and seem to be experiencing dryness right after moisturizing cut back and the shampoo. Also consider using a gentler shampoo and deep conditioning your hair with heat on a regular basis.


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