A Holistic Approach to Health & Wellness

We're walking through what it looks likes to take a holistic approach to your health and how you can begin to benefit from it. Taking a holistic approach to your health means looking at all aspects of your being to restore balance and promote health. Acupressure, aromatherapy, herbalism, sound therapy, and yoga are just a few of the techniques that make up holistic health care practices.

We want to acknowledge that how each person defines their optimal health is very unique and we will respect differences. We do not offer licensed medical advice of any kind here.

Health and Wellness
Taking a holistic approach to your health is taking a look at all components of you- your mind, body, and soul- to restore harmony and promote health.

Holistic health care is a concept of believing that health care is most effective when you take into consideration the whole body rather than just the illness or symptoms. A holistic approach to health and wellbeing honors the interconnection of the mind, body, and soul and treats the whole person using a variety of techniques or practices. It emphasizes the importance of the whole body and the interdependence of its parts. A perfect analogy would be to look at the body as an orchestra, where each part of the body is an instrument, and the orchestra sounds better (the body works better) when each part is in harmony with one another.

Holistic health care was actually the foundation of health care thousands of years ago and today it's considered "alternative". The modern western approach to health has a disconnect between the components of a person and in fact doesn't officially recognize or address the spirit in medical/health practices, making western medical practices incomplete. We are more than a body, we are a spirit in a body.

"the body without the spirit is dead" - Portion of James 2:26

There are 5 aspects of holistic health that we will recognize here which are physical health (body, weight, environment, dwelling place), emotional wellbeing, mental health, spiritual health, and social health. Holistic health care consists of multiple practices including but not limited to acupressure, aromatherapy, herbalism, sound therapy, and yoga. Collectively, the 5 aspects listed above enable a person to live their healthiest, happiest possible life. If one area is compromised, other areas are likely to be compromised and a person is not functioning optimally.

Take stress for example, stress could cause you to get a headache. The emotion of stress has caused physical pain in your body. You see how strong the mind-body connection is? The modern western health care approach would tell you to take an aleve with water, while the holistic health care approach would suggest to you to identify your source of stress and use herbs (in tea or essential oil form), food, and/or rest to reduce your stress.

"Nature itself is the best physician"-Hippocrates

To get started taking a holistic approach to your health and life try these
Know your why

Have a reason you want to improve your health and lifestyle. For some it may be to be stronger and more energetic or even to stick around with their family. Remember this is your personal why and there is not a right or wrong reason to want to improve your quality of life. BONUS TIP: Write down your why.

Incorporate more whole foods into your diet

Whole foods include but are no limited to fruits, vegetables, and grains. Consuming foods loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants can result in a better mood, less body aches, improved skin texture, and much more, ultimately getting you closer to your optimal health.

Reduce your stress

Take a day off and sit down somewhere. Stress directly affects your hormones, immune system, and digestive system which then effects your weight, energy, skin, and other areas. Stress reduction and relief can be mindful practices, herbs, food, and even improving your relationship with the Most High.


Holistic Health and Wellness LifestyleHolistic Health and Wellness Lifestyle Holistic Health and Wellness LifestyleHolistic Health and Wellness Lifestyle


Here at Taylored Therapeutics we aspire to teach and empower you all to attain mind, body, and soul balance. Please leave comments below and let's have a discussion. What interests you most about Holistic Health and Wellness? What's your why for taking a holistic approach to your health and life? How did you get here?

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